Crunchy Thai beef salad

Like I said: it’s the GRILL ERRRRTHANGGGG season 🤓  The idea of red meat and a funky fish sauce / lime combo gets me salivating no matter what.

I mean:


For two:

  • 1 steak (I used a 200g piece of Irish ribeye)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 bunch of coriander
  • 1 handful of radishes
  • 3 romaine lettuce hearts
  • 3T coarsely chopped peanuts (the natural non-roasted and non-salted kind)


  • 1t chopped red chili pepper
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 1T chopped coriander stalks
  • 2t sugar
  • 2T fish sauce
  • zest of half a lime
  • 2T lime juice (about 1  juicy lime)
  • 1T tamarind paste
  • 1t grated ginger
  • 1t sesame oil
  • 1T olive oil
  • coarse salt

+ pestle and mortar

Steak: Grill your steak the way you like it. I seasoned it and cooked it for an hour in a vacuum bag on 59,3°C (with my trusted Anova cooker) and then grilled it very briefly on a piping hot grill. You want that meat to be red 🔴. Once cooked, cut it into very fine strips against the grain.

Cucumber: Cut cucumber with a peeler from top to bottom in long wide strips. Avoid the core and throw away every first green strip but try to have a green edge on every ribbon. Set aside in a large bowl.

Dressing: Grind garlic, chili pepper, coriander stalks and a pinch of coarse salt with pestle and mortar to a smooth pulp. Transfer to a small bowl, mix in the rest of the dressing (check for lime) ingredients and poor over the cucumber strips.

Coarsely chop peanuts and set aside. Wash and quarter the radishes, remove the outer leaves of the Romaine lettuce hearts, cut off the dry ends and halve them.

Serve: Add steak strips, radishes and lettuce to the bowl containing your cucumber strips and dressing. Add a good handful of coriander leaves and carefully toss with your hands. Fill two plates with the salad and sprinkle with peanuts and coriander leaves. The dressing is very salty so there’s not really any need to poor more over your salad. SALIVATE